COVID-19 Health Precautions

Trust God, Be Wise

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established”.   Romans 13:1


Governor Evers extended the statewide mask mandate for Wisconsin into 2021. During this time New Hope is asking those age 5 and older to wear a mask to our in person Sunday worship (please click here for exemptions to this mandate, such as medical conditions, sensory sensitivities, etc). If you come to church without a mask on, we will not be pressuring you to wear one, but will trust that you have a valid reason for not wearing a mask. Thank you for your cooperation, continued patience and kindness as we all navigate these changing times together. 

New Hope will continue to prepare for your arrival by doing all we can to create a clean, safe environment. Being mindful of health needs and issues, we continue to strive to provide a non-touch experience. If you are not feeling well, or are not comfortable coming into the building, please stay home and know we can still be 'together' in Worship as we will continue online church.  Here are steps that New Hope has put into place as we worship together in person: 

 - Volunteers will open the front doors for you. 

- Chairs are socially distanced in the Worship Center allowing families to sit together. 

- It's ok to smile and wave and not shake hands or hug quite yet. 

- Children's Ministry in not currently meeting in person. Tables and chairs will be socially distanced in the Commons if you need to step out of church with your child. The parents' lounge will be open for nursing mothers to use one at a time. Please note that toys will not be out for community use at this time. Please bring items from home for your child. 

We will not 'line up' for Communion but be excused to receive Communion, where you can choose individual elements prepared at church by disinfected hands. 

- Hand sanitizer will be available in the worship center and in the entryway. Soap and water in each restroom.

- There will not be for 'one other' envelopes for the time being; donations toward this ministry may still be made by placing monetary donations in the offering basket or by giving online. 

- As you dismiss, please be mindful of socially distancing as we respect everyone's differing opinions. 

- All door knobs, common surfaces, and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly throughout the New Hope building. 

- At this time, there will not be bagels, coffee, or water provided in the Commons.