Adult Discipleship Steps

Building relationships with God and each other

Adult Discipleship Steps

The Book of Jonah

So much more to the story than a whale.

4 chapters, 4 Mondays

Oct. 28, Nov, 4, 11 & 18

Time: 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Location: New Hope, Mr. Urban’s upstairs classroom

The Book of Jonah is a simple story. Two big thoughts.

1.     A man runs away from God.

2.     God pursues.

Sin is running away from God.

Grace is God’s effort to pursue and to intercept self-destructive behavior. Everybody can relate to the story of Jonah. People with a religious background and those without much if any religious background.

   In our Mondays together here’s what we will discover. We all, at times, run away from God. There’s often a pattern, a strategy to our running away that makes sense to us. Our first step in following Jesus is to see ourselves not as a primarily sufficient person. To see ourselves like Jonah, like a fugitive running away from God. We can be lost but not willing to admit we are lost. (Know any men like this?)

   Another big thought for us to discover is because God loves us He may pursue us in sending a storm. Here’s some bad news. When we sin against God there is always a storm brewing in our sin. Here’s the good news. God’s storm is always to reclaim us for our soul good. How might our faith grow that when God allows storms into our lives we come to know the depths of His love? In the book of Jonah there is love under the waves.

   See you Monday, October 28 at 6:30pm. Glory!