12 Days 12 Gifts

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Our Gift to You

What is 12 Days 12 Gifts? 12 Days 12 Gifts is 12 videos delivered daily in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Who is 12 Days 12 Gifts for? Anyone! Feel free to share this invitation with friends or family who could use some encouragement this Christmas season.

When does 12 Days 12 Gifts start? 12 Days 12 Gifts will begin on Thursday December 13th. You can expect your first email that morning.

What can I expect? 12 Days 12 Gifts is a daily invitation to take a few minutes out of your busy Christmas season to connect with God. You'll receive a short video with some Scripture references and questions to think about. If you're already in the Daily15 habit, this is a great devotion to add to your routine. If you aren't currently spending 15 minutes a day reading The Bible and talking to God, this is a great time to start!

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