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Connecting, Serving, and Giving

Summer of Hope: We will gather together for one Sunday Worship Celebration at 9am throughout the months of August and September.

New Worship Times: Beginning Sunday, September 9th, Worship Celebration times will be shifting to 8:30AM and 10AM. Connectionland, Connectionland Junior, and other classes and ministries that were taking place at 9:15AM will now shift to 10AM. Why are we making this change? The primary reason is to better serve more souls that matter to God. As He has brought new families into our doors over the past several months, we have been faced with one universal question. Most parents want to know where to take their kids during church. Our current service structure does not offer anything for elementary aged children during either of our Worship Celebrations. For those who are just getting connected to God, just hearing the Gospel for the first time, it can be overwhelming to think about having their children with them. Having Connectionland and Connectionland Junior running at the same time as adult worship takes away that obstacle. It allows these parents to focus on the message, while knowing their children are being cared for and hearing the Good News at an age appropriate level themselves. As we move forward with our daycare expansion plans, we are prayerful that we will be welcoming more families who will benefit from this option. 

What does this mean for you? You'll still have two identical worship celebrations to choose from: 8:30AM or 10AM. If worshiping as a family with your children is important to you, we invite you to join us at 8:30AM. Then following the Worship Celebration, you can choose to stay for our adult discipleship offerings at 10AM (more details about Adult offerings coming soon!), and if you have kids they can attend Connectionland or Connectionland Junior. If you prefer a later start to your morning, you can attend worship at 10AM either with your children in service or participating in Children's Ministry. 

The way we have been running things worked well for members and people who are already connected to God but seems to provide barriers for new people to connect. So we are asking our New Hope family to be a part of this change, which will be a sacrifice and a shift for us as members, but with our eyes on Kingdom potential!  

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions we've received about this change: 

Can I still attend the 10AM with my children? Absolutely. New Hope has always welcomed families worshiping together and we will continue to do so. We believe strongly in the curriculum of our Connectionland Junior and Connectionland program, so we would love to have them in children's ministry at that time but we leave the decision up to each individual family. 

What about my middle and high schoolers? Our Student ministries will continue on their regular Sunday afternoon and evening schedule. If you are worshiping at 8:30, there are many serving opportunities for students to get involved in! Reach out to Emily Urban or Sarah Vogel for some ideas! 


9/1 Tom Heidke

9/2 Alaina Auxier, Kathy Brost, Sharon Stabe

9/3 Kory Hyvonen, Logan Moore, Sophia Prill

9/5 Wendy Hartel, Afra Kundert

9/6 Steve Komp

9/7 Allison Cartwright, Junice Hanneman, Chris Kundert

9/8 Dan Janichek, Corey Popp

9/14 Susan Hanson, Karl Homburg, Carter Nicholson, Noah Reisner

9/15 Tracy Ducat, Kendall Moore, Fynnlee Whitman

9/16 Tiffany Hyvonen, Alexis Magadanz, Maximus Nelson, Sophia Riske

9/17 Miriam Amderson, Kim Kundert

9/18 Noah Kiley, Scott Prentice

9/22 Brandon Allcox, Oliver Arnoldussen, Joan Dietz

9/23 Karolee Hrobsky, Dylan Thurber

9/24 Darrin Kuehn, Andrew Rose

9/26 Trevor Brost, Emma Cartiwright,

9/28: Jeff Ahonen, Ava Rankin

9/30 Ralph Hendrickson, Catherine Malkowski


9/2 Mark & Peggy Ament

9/3 Dan & Charlotte Larsen

9/8 Hans & Mari Nelson

9/9 Tom & Sally Heidke

9/12 Kyle & Gweneth Moran

9/14 Scott & Jill Manteufel

9/15 Gary & Donna Baldauf, Harold & Susan Kohler

9/17 Russ & Joan Dietz, Bradley & Patti Marohl

9/19 Tom & Lori Frederick, Judd & Tara King

9/20 Peter & Dianna Malkowski

9/22 Jerry & Wendy Hoffman

9/23 Jack & Jeanne Wolslegel

9/24 Christopher & Marcia Batley

9/30 Dave & Megan Hones