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Connecting, Serving, and Giving

Volunteers Needed: There's a new list of current volunteer needs. Click here to check it out.

Thanksgiving Eve: Join us for Thanksgiving Eve Worship on Wednesday, November 21st at 6:30pm

Christmas Eve at New Hope: For your planning purposes, Christmas Eve services will be held this year on Monday, December 24th at 2pm & 4pm (with Connectionland Junior) and 10pm. Christmas Morning Worship with Communion will take place at 9am.


11/1 Debra Guy, Gavin Hones, Sally Pecha, Carla Rankin

11/2 Tim Callan, Charley Hrobsky, Madelynn Wittmann

11/3 Bob Liedl

11/4 Aaron Argall, Hazel Bushweiler, Adriana Hawk, Trace Van Asten

11/5 Vincent Bucholtz, Darrick Prill, Maren Reisner

11/6 Sarah Danz, Isabella Hase, Lisa Servia

11/7 Matthew Trypuc

11/9 Laurie Anderson

11/11 Owen Wise

11/12 Megan Hickey

11/13 Sherry VanGrinsven

11/14 Jessica Mehl, Nancy Sword

11/15 Maria Curran, Landen Perron, Dawn Zimmerman

11/16 Kevin McNulty, Sophia Scherwinski

11/18 Marlo Brumlic

11/20 Kashton Hones

11/22 Jerry Perron, Karan Tesch

11/23 Amy Allcox, Kinsey Lewens, Tom Nicholson

11/24 Naomi Peterson

11/25 Liberty Kuehn, Carolyn Mieliulis, Kaitlyn Rhodes

11/26 Woody Barthel, Emily Franz, Ken Mattison, Matthew Pierce, Rob Robinson

11/27 Dorinda Brownie, Grant Claffey


11/1 Kevin & Elizabeth McNulty

11/6 Tom & Kris Galarowicz

11/12 Eric & Michelle Turner

11/17 Andrew & Jamie Rose

11/18 Lance & Kym Lewis

11/29 Duane & Susan Hase