The Magnificent Story Week 2

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The Magnificent Story: Uncovering a Gospel of Beauty, Goodness & Truth.

Summary: What's at stake?

 “…I believe in the Christian convictions about Jesus (for example, he was the Son of God who rose from the dead) are true, I am not drawn to Jesus only by the truth. I am drawn to Jesus by his beauty and his goodness.” (Chapter 1, page 10)

Luke 24:31-53 (ESV)

The Magnificent Story.

Uncovering a Gospel of Beauty, Goodness & Truth.


What’s at Stake?

Chapter 2 – Falling For Shrunken Stories

God’s Kingdom is ever warmly expanding in us, through us,

all around us and way beyond us.


How to get the most out of this book.

Gospel Story 1: The Do-Good-Works Gospel

The False Narrative

“…shrunken story… This story is too small. It is centered on humans, who are puny.” 

(page 21)

Gospel Story 2: The Shaming and Scary Gospel

The False Narrative

The story of Fred. Sinner’s prayer. (the right way to be saved)

Despicable sinner

From spiritual breathing to panting to hyperventilating.

You are bad. God’s mad. Jesus takes your blame. Believe. Heaven.

Light bulb moment: neither good nor beautiful nor true. 

Why These Stories Have Such Staying Power

Three reasons but bottom line:

“…they make God small and mean.”

Are These Stories True?

Are These Stories Good or Beautiful?


“Within the beautiful – the whole person quivers.”

(page 31)

Do you ever quiver? More than once?

“We need a story that makes us quiver, not with fear but with delight. We need a story so big that we will never be able to grasp it, so vast that it can handle the darkness of evil and suffering, so immense that it can make sense of cancer and terrorism.”  (page 31)


What is at stake in getting the story wrong?

“These stories are too small because they start with us.”

Last paragraph of Chapter 2 (pages 32-33)

Soul Training Exercise: Goodness.

“This week please focus on goodness.”

Let’s be real: There will be ugliness. You may try to be gooder.

Next Week:  Chapter 3 – Participating in the Trinity

Abba Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – Yes, Yes, Yes


Last call for summer trip to Thailand

July 23 – August 2