Daycare Ministry

New Hope is excited to serve and impact our community in Jesus' name

Why a Daycare at New Hope?

Architect's rendering of what a daycare expansion could look like.

On June 24th, 2018, members of the congregation voted to move forward with plans for a Daycare Ministry, serving approximately 100 children. We look forward to seeing how God will work through this new ministry, expanding on our reputation for providing excellent care to children and families under the umbrella of New Hope Ministries.

In this video, Director of Children's Ministries Emily Urban explains why a Daycare Ministry fits into New Hope's existing vision for serving children and families.

Through a series of informational meetings in June 2018, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about this project. If your question isn't listed below, please use the button to send us a message.

Question: What is the capacity?

Answer: We are preparing for 100 children infant through preschool


Question: Where did that number come from?

Answer: 100 children puts us in line with other local childcare facilities that are currently at capacity and have waiting lists. 


Question: Will the day care be self sustaining?

Answer: The day care will be entirely self sustaining after the first year.


Question: What is the break even point?

Answer: We will break even at 50% enrollment. 80% enrollment is the goal.


Question: Why a building expansion? Why not use existing space?

Answer: A feasibility study was completed to weigh options including an offsite facility, use of existing space, and building an addition. Expanding the building was the clear front runner after completing the study (Study report available upon request.)


Question: What about staffing? What’s the planned leadership structure?

Answer: The facility will operate daily (6am-6pm) with one director, two assistant directors, and an approximate staff of 20 total.


Question: How will the building expansion be used?

Answer: Classrooms will be designed above state standards for size based on age groups. Classrooms will be designed to transition from one age group to another based on enrollment. Classrooms will be available for use by Children’s Ministry on Sundays.


Question: What’s the timeline?

Answer: Based on an estimated start date of July 2018, completion would be late Summer early Fall 2019.  


Question: What’s the cost?

Answer: Between 2.6 and 2.8 million dollars depending on a one story or two story construction plan.


Question: Why?

Answer: A daycare ministry serves as an outreach opportunity, meeting the needs of our community. A daycare ministry builds off of what we already do at New Hope with excellence (preschool and NHCS). Home sales and business growth in Fox Crossing and the surrounding area make now an ideal time to explore this opportunity.